The  Academy Is...
ok if you are looking for more songs to put on your ipod or just some cool bands, then you have come to the right place.  The Academy Is... is a AWSOME band and grew up in our home town.  My favorite song is "classifies".  Just check them out!


        I care more than anyone to keep this world nice and clean.  Though I am not a neat freak I don't like to see ANY trash on the grounds at parks or anything.  Learn more on how to keep our earth clean by looking at some of the eco freindly web sites.  So please clean up or I will need to send this puppy (picture on left) looking for you!

Free rice .com
Do you want to donate but you dont have enough money? Your just a kid people say you cant help but now you can with free It helps you donate without spending any money. All you do is click to start and then they ask you questions. For everyone you get right you donate 10 grains of rice to poor families with not enough food. Ya your just a kid but you can help. So go on to free rice .com